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Serving the Lakeland, Plant City, Bartow, Winter Haven, Auburndale, Lake Wales, Haines City, Davenport, Lake Alfred, Florida area for over 27 years.



Tropical Temptations Landscaping
Landscaping Services

Tropical Temptations Landscaping is a complete landscaping contractor serving the Lakeland, Plant City, Bartow, Winter Haven, Auburndale, Lake Wales, Haines City, Davenport, Lake Alfred, Florida area for over 27 years. We have served everyone from small home owners to large developers to nursing homes. Below is an overview of the landscaping services we provide.

3D Landscape Design

3-D Graphic Landscape Design offers many ADVANTAGES for our clients:

  • Detailed Plot Plan Site Design to include, (utilities, lot size, elevations, drainage areas, and environmental factors).
  • Before/After design views of various areas of your property to enhance the value and beauty of your new design project.
  • Ability to view the color, texture and variety of the plantings in your design plan.
  • Views of your landscape at night, with “Night Lighting” enhancements.
  • Viewing the location and function of hardscapes, like pools, decks, garages, home additions, driveways, patios, and others are available for you to choose from to add to your specific taste and function.
  • Allows you to budget your plan as you go through the process, because you can actually see the products you are going to use in the design.

To see pictures of Tropical Temptation's 3D Landscape Designs click on "Gallery".

Irrigation and Drainage

A well designed irrigation system is needed in the landscape to provide your plants, lawn and trees with the right amount of water to maintain the texture, color, and growth of your plantings.

The installation of a irrigation system will pay for itself by conserving water(when watering by hand, approx. 50% of water that is lost by runoff, evaporation, not to mention the value of installing of a separate water meter for irrigation to avoid paying sewer charges on the water used on watering your landscape. It can be programmed to operate late in the evening or early in the morning when water evaporation is at its lowest levels.

A professionally installed irrigation system will assist you in saving money and helping to protect our environment.

To get a quote on a new irrigation system contact us at (863) 528-2894 or fill out a "Request Form".


Areas for outdoor enjoyment take on many forms. One of most popular is the patio. A patio may or may not be attached to the house. The success of the patio depends on the location.

Patio styles are many, and having the right style for your needs is very important. The surface should be flat, safe and have proper drainage. The use of pavers is very popular because you have choices in texture, size, shape and color. Once the pavers are layed, the patio becomes very low maintenance.


The walkway or path is the usual route from the street or parking area to the front door. It creates a first impression and sets the tone for the house and the gardens in the landscape. Comfort, safety, and a clear choice of direction are the three hallmarks of a well-designed walkway or path.

Again, you have many choices for surface material, edging, and shape to enhance the walkway or path. It could be either straight or curving depending on the space and purpose of the design.

The walkway creates a transition from one area to another, so it’s important to think about the experience people will have as they move along the walkway.

To see some pictures of patios and walkways Tropical Temptations Landscaping has installed click on "Gallery".

Retaining Walls

When dealing with a slope, you may need to hold back part of it to create a garden bed you want. These structures can be an attractive asset to the design, often becoming a powerful design feature in the landscape.

Retaining walls higher than 40 inches should be constructed by a licensed contractor to ensure proper design features such as strength, proper drainage, and overall safety of the wall. The use of natural stone or commercial products are highly recommended for retaining wall construction in most landscape designs today.

To see pictures of retaining walls that Tropical Temptations Landscaping has implemented click on "Gallery".

Pergola and Arbor Design

An arbor is one of the most romantic structures in the garden. It is intimate in scale and timeless in style.

An arbor is ideal for marking an entry or indicating an opening along a fence line or hedge. It is also used to enhance a place to sit, with a seating bench or to create a view that you would see as you pass through the arbor from either direction. Arbors have many styles and textures to add a strong focal point to the landscape.

To see pictures of pergolas and arbors that Tropical Temptations Landscaping has designed and built click on "Gallery".

Landscape Maintenance

All well designed landscapes reduce the need for ongoing maintenance of the entire design, but are needed to maintain the beauty and care of your landscape.

Having a professional care for your gardens and overall property must be an individual who has many years of experience and knowledge to ensure the quality of the design of your home.

To get a quote on landscape maintenance please contact us us at (863) 528-2894 or fill out a "Request Form".

To see our Gallery of past projects click on"Gallery" or press .

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